About Us

The central car park is built and operated in 1973. The project is made by famous Georgian architects Shota Kavlashvili. Autoway is built with its project and location-setting so that the population of Tbilisi does not create any ecological hazards.

Ie, harmful gases, noise and vibration which is characteristic of such a facility is almost no disturbance for the city population. The motorway is decorated by the famous artist and sculptor Zurab Tsereteli Mosaic Pano, “History of Transport Development”. The carriageway has 20 main and so many additional platforms. With this number of buses and its infrastructures, the auto luggage can serve up to 18,000 passengers every day.

The passenger has three different levels of hotel, passenger hall, maternal and children’s room, pharmacy, medical point, 24 hour supermarket, cash boxes currency exchange point and other spaces in which the partner firms offices are located.